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<![CDATA[POLITENESS STRATEGIES:]]> RIARTA SINAGA Pengarang Pahotan Sinaga Dosen Pembimbing 1 Esron Ambarita Dosen Pembimbing 1 Milisi Sembring Penguji 1 Esron Ambarita Penguji 2
Politeness strategies can be found from the utterances that happen paly A Doll’s House. The writer was purposed to find out the politeness strategies in Henrik Ibsen study case base on the theory Brown and Lavinson 1987 data. There are two objectives and two problems that will be gained in this thesis. The first objective of this thesis is to understand what social factors influence the power on politeness as shown in the third act. The second objective is to analyze how the characters of the play use the politeness strategies. And the problem is what types and what scales are found in play A Doll’s House.The total number of of dialogues in the third act of the is 381. To finding the types and the scales of the problems the writer read and underlining the dialogue besed on the Bald on record strategies, positive politeness, negative politeness, off-record or indirecd and the scales of politeness is power rating scale, language and power and the last is face threatening act.