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<![CDATA[Conversational Implicatures Used By Two Main Characters in Jojo Moyes’ Novel Me Before You.]]> VELLANI RUTH HANAYA SIDAURUK Pengarang Carles David Silalahi Dosen Pembimbing 2 Martina Girsang Dosen Pembimbing 1 Mendarisan Aritonang Penguji 2 Andrew Lumban Tobing Penguji 1
This thesis discussed about conversational implicature. The data were the utterances taken from the novel entitled Me Before You which was a romantic novel. This thesis was conducted to classify the types of implicature namely generalized conversational implicature and particularized conversational implicature. After the classification, the implied meaning of each utterance was describe by analysing the utterance with the maxims and the cooperative principle. The writer used the descriptive qualitative method in analysing the meaning of the data because the context was also included to get the implied meaning. The writer used the Gricean and Yule theory on implicature which suggested to observe the cooperative principle and the four maxims namely: maxim of quality, maxim of relation, maxim of quantity and maxim of manner. After analysing the data, this thesis gave an information that most type of implicature that is found in Jojo Moyes’ novel Me Before You, was particularized conversational implicature and most of the implicature utterances at least observe the cooperative principle although sometimes the utterance violated some of the maxims.