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<![CDATA[THE AMBITION OF THE MAIN CHARACTER IN JAMES DASHNER’S THE MAZE RUNNER]]> ANGELINA Pengarang Nurhayati Purba Dosen Pembimbing 1 Pahotan Sinaga Dosen Pembimbing 2 Himpun Panggabean Penguji 1 Carles David Silalahi Penguji 2
This thesis talks about Thomas‟s ambition in The Maze Runner novel by James Dashner. This thesis uses descriptive qualitative method to describe the character of Thomas depicted in the novel. What are the ambitions of Thomas, how Thomas achieves his ambition. The writer uses theory of ambition due to analyze the main character‟s ambition. Furthermore, the writer uses the psychoanalysis theory by Sigmund Freud to analyze how Thomas‟s psychological condition to reach his ambition. By doing psychological approach, the writer finds how id, ego, and superego emerge in the process of Thomas‟s ambition. There are several results of this research. The results of this research shows that Thomas as a major character has some ambitions, such as, being a Runner, knowing the whole of the Maze, solving the riddles of the Maze‟s maps. Then, the process of Thomas in achieving his ambition, the id as the aspect of personality masters Thomas due to achieve his ambition.