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<![CDATA[TERMS OF ADDRESSING IN KARONESE SOCIETY]]> JAMES GITAWAN RIO GINTING Pengarang Himpun Panggabean Dosen Pembimbing 1 Elita Modesta Sembiring Dosen Pembimbing 2 Himpun Panggabean Penguji 1 Pahotan Sinaga Penguji 2
This present thesis deals with Terms of Addressing in Karonese Society. The objectives of this study are to find out the Addressing terms used in Karonese Dialect Urung Julu and to find out what affects that Karonese Society especially Karonese in Kabanjahe use ‘Dialect Urung Julu addressed to others. This thesis was conducted by descriptive qualitative design. The source of the data was collected from the books, informants, and the conversations of certain occasional. The findings indicate that Karonese Dialect Urung Julu employs 28 Address forms: Kam, Engko, Kena, Bapa, Nandei, Bulang, Nini, Mama, Mami, Bengkila, Bibi, Permain, Kaila, Berai-berai, Impal, Turang, Turangku, Turangnguda, Agi, We, Amai/Butet, Silih, Kaka, Aida, Nak, Senina, Beru, Kempu. Their uses are contextually based which is specifically determined by parameters of Age, Status in Adat-law, Social status, Status in order of birth, known or not, Situations, Sex, and Familiarity. Misuse in the use of Addressing someone cause communication that is not smooth and can even lead to misunderstanding between addresser and addressee.